Muni Leagues


Schenectady Municipal Golf Course hosts League play Monday-Friday 3:00–5:45pm

We have leagues every weekday and at every skill level of play.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Just B Doug Sager TIPO Renna CYC Realty
Par & Bar Memorial Muni Grille Hibernians Couples
Sam Pagano Memorial League Welding Products MAC City Hall Stoneys Irish Grill
LPGA Bent Irons Stator Frame Dirty Birdies Maqua
Knights of Columbus Pinseekers Sandbaggers Dutch Masters LPGA
Building 16 Linda King Handicappers CW Players Top Flighters
VanVranken QCA Pinhead Susans Niagra Mohawk
ADO GE Lab Mohawk Lady Birds Renegades
Oakridge Club Mad Jack Brewing
Where’s Waldo
Grip it & Sip It
Schenectady Municipal Golf Course

400 Oregon Avenue

Schenectady, New York

(518) 382-5155

[email protected]